Exam Information (GCSE)

Year 11 Final GCSE Exams, Summer 2024

The common exams will commence on Thursday 9th May until Thursday 20th June; however, all students are expected to be available up to and including the final contingency date of Wednesday 26th June 2024.

Other exams will take place as follows: 

  • Practical exams for Hospitality & Catering: from 8th to 16th February 2024 

  • Speaking exams for French and German: in the week commencing 22nd April 2024 

  • Art: dates to be confirmed. 

Students will receive individual exam timetables for practical/speaking exams in early January and for the final exams, in March. 

Our school’s common timetable can be found here: 


Year 10 & Year 12 Summer 2024 Mocks

The dates for these exams are still being finalised. We expect them to take place following the completion of the GCSE summer season (details above). 

GCSE Results Day

Results will be available from 10am on Thursday 22nd August. Further details will be provided here in due course.

Exam Information for Candidates:

Coping with Exam Pressure
Information for Parents and Students
Preparing to Sit Your Exams Checklist
Information for Candidates - Written Examinations
Information for Candidates - Using Social Media
Information for Candidates - On-Screen Examinations
Information for Candidates - Non-Examination Assessments
Information for Candidates - Coursework Assessments
JCQ Privacy Notice

Please read the warning/information leaflets below. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification.

Warning to Candidates
Unauthorised Items (mobile phones, watches etc.)
Information for Written Examinations

For our Examination Policies and all other exams documents, please see here.

Students at St Clere's are offered GCSE (or equivalent) qualifications from four Exam Boards: OCR, Edexcel, AQA and WJEC. These sites have information about exam dates, past papers, and revision tips.


February Mocks for Years 11 & 12

The mocks will be held from 26th February to Friday 8th March. Please see the timetable below:


Our mock exams are conducted in a manner to replicate the actual GCSE exams, following the rules of the governing bodies as closely as possible. For this reason, students should familiarise themselves with the following important information. Sanctions will be imposed on any student who fails to follow these rules.

Equipment: Students are responsible for ensuring they have all necessary equipment for every exam.  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide equipment for students during exams. Pencil cases must be transparent, without any writing on them. Pens must be black. Students must have a calculator.

Prohibited Items: Students must ensure they are familiar with the list of prohibited items, which includes mobile phones, ALL types of watches, MP3/4 players, earbuds/air pods. Students must not bring any of the prohibited items into the exam venue.  For this reason, we recommend students do not bring them to school during mock exam season. 


GCSE Results 2023

Collection day for GCSE Results has now passed.  Any students yet to collect their results can arrange to do so by contacting the Exams Office at the email detailed at the bottom of this page.

If you are unable to collect your results, you may ask someone to collect them on your behalf. You will need to complete the form below and ask the person collecting the results on your behalf to bring both this completed form and a form of photo identification. Without this signed form and identification, we will not release your results.




2023 GCSE Exam Certificates

Invitations to Graduation Evening have now been posted.  If you are unable to collect your certificates on the evening, please click the link below for details on how to collect your certificates.


If you are unable to collect your certificates on the evening, they will be available for collection from reception for one week only. After that time, they can be collected by contacting the Exams Office on the email address detailed at the bottom of this page.


Certificate Collection

Past GCSE Certificates will be available for collection by appointment only. Please email 
exams.scs@osborne.coop to arrange.



Mrs Karelle Heavey – Exams Manager 

Telephone: 01375 648951

email: exams.scs@osborne.coop