Head Prefects and Senior Prefect Team

Students can apply for the positions of Head Prefect around Easter in Year 10 and take up their roles towards the end of that academic year, leaving the current Year 11 free to concentrate on their exams.

The procedure consists of five stages, giving pupils the opportunity to show their full capabilities and suitability for such a sought-after position.

Stage five involves an interview before a panel, usually consisting of the Trust CEO, the Head Teacher and a senior member of the Governing Body.  These interviews are not dissimilar to what students might experience when applying for a job. All candidates who reach this stage will become our 'Senior Prefects'.

All candidates will be informed by email of the outcome at each stage and the details of the next round for successful applicants. Feedback is available on request. 

Prefects can apply to be Senior Prefects once in position if they feel they have given excellent service as a Prefect and have gone beyond the expectations of the position they hold. Senior Prefects are assigned to teachers, whom they visit on a daily basis to offer their help and skills as responsible young adults. 

All of these positions require excellent behaviour and attendance as well as a mature attitude towards school and life as a whole. Pupils who show great improvement can be awarded the position of Prefect, as dedication, maturity and a desire to improve are highly valued skills.

All of these positions are treated with respect among staff and pupils alike and every year there are a great number of applicants.

All Prefects wear the grey Prefect tie as part of their uniform; Head Prefects and the Senior Prefect team, also wear a grey blazer and black trousers or skirt. 


2022-23 Prefects are:

Head Prefects:

Maryam Abbasi; Jedidiah Michael-Ihunde; Lucas Willett

Head Prefects 22 23

Deputy Head Prefects:

Janice Age

Michaela Hardy

Jack Sheldon

Baily Speight


Senior Prefects:

Jessica Age

Ifeanyi Ashibuogwu

Callie Bayfield

Holly Cuzner

Rachael Johnson

Teddy Marlow

Samuel Okwuonu

Alfie Walters

Harvey Walters

Stage One: Written Application

Candidates need to submit a formal letter of application addressed to the Head Teacher outlining the reasons why they are a suitable candidate, experiences in and out of school and any achievements relevant to the role.

The letter of application must be submitted to the Head of Year 10.

The Head Teacher will receive academic reports and an overview of attendance, punctuality and behaviour on each applicant since starting at St. Clere’s School.

Each candidate’s letter of application and the additional information will be scored out of 10 based on suitability for the roles. A shortlist will be created for stage two.

Stage Two: Problem Solving

Successful candidates from stage one will undertake a series of problem solving activities observed by selected members of senior staff. 

Candidates will be assessed on their communication, lateral thinking and ability to work as a team. Each candidate will be scored out of 10 by the staff present and this will be added to their scores achieved in stage one.

A shortlist based on the said accumulative scores will be created for stage three.

Stage Three: Leadership Skills

Successful candidates from stage two will undertake a series of leadership activities observed by different senior staff members from the previous stage.

Candidates will be assessed on a range of leadership qualities, such as listening skills and confidence. Each candidate will be scored out of 10 and this will be added to the scores achieved in the previous stages.

A shortlist based on the accumulative scores will be created for stage four.

Stage Four: Teacher Reference

During this stage teachers are able to provide a reference for pupils that are still in the process. 

Stage Five: Presentation

Successful candidates from stage three will undertake an unseen presentation. 

Candidates reaching this stage will automatically achieve Prefect status. This will include a grey tie and a badge. 

Candidates will receive a topic 20 minutes before their allotted time.

Candidates will deliver to an audience consisting of; teachers, new staff members, previous members of the senior prefect team and a selection of School Council members.

Candidates may receive questions from the audience at the end of their presentation.

The audience members will score each candidate out of 10 based on their presentation content, standard of uniform and answers to any questions.

Each candidate’s scores from the audience will be totalled with the top and bottom values excluded. The final result from this stage will be an average of the total scores. A shortlist will be collated for the next stage based on the accumulate scores across all four stages. 

Stage Six: Interview

Successful candidates from stage four will be called for interview. Pupils reaching this stage will become the ‘Senior Prefect Team’ and will be awarded a badge, grey blazer and tie.

We aim to create an interview panel consisting of the CEO, Head Teacher and a senior member of the governing body.

The outcome of this stage is solely at the discretion of the interview panel and the decision will be shared with the candidates on the same day. The panel will award the following positions; Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy/s, Deputy Head Girl/s and Senior Prefects.

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