Post Results Services (GCSE)

A Guide to Post Results Services

If you're not happy with your GCSE results, there are several options available to you. 

For exam-based results, you can ask us for: 

- a clerical re-check 
- review of marking  
- access to scripts 

For coursework, you can request a review of moderation, but only in very limited situations, and special conditions apply.  Please speak to your teacher or the Exams Office for clarification. 

None of these Post Results services are officially a remark – they are different ways the exam boards check that mark schemes have been applied correctly and marks added up accurately. 

There is no grade protection for review of marking. This means that your marks and subject grades may be lowered, confirmed or raised as a result. 

For us to process any application for review, you must complete the Access to Scripts and Review of Results forms available on our website. Further copies are available on results day. 

Charges apply for some of the post results services – a copy of the full fee list is available on our website and parents may be asked to pay the fees should they request a review. 

ALL requests must be made to the school – students/parents cannot apply directly to the exam board, and the final decision for applying is that of the Head of Centre. 


Information and forms:

Review of Results Exams costs and deadlines
Candidate Consent - Access to Scripts
Candidate Consent - Review of Results

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