ARP for Deaf Students

ARP (Additional Resource Provision) for Deaf Students

The resource base at St Clere’s School supports deaf students in Thurrock who have a statement for Special Educational Needs.

The Team

The team supporting these students comprises of the Head of the Resource Base who is a Qualified Teacher of the Deaf, Communication Support Workers, a Deaf Instructor and Specialist Learning Support Assistants. We also have a dedicated Transition Coordinator for Key Stage 2-3 (Primary to Secondary) and 4-5 (Secondary to Further Education).

At St Clere’s we offer total communication methods which range from British Sign Language (BSL) to Oral Communication.  Most students wear hearing aids and have additional FM radio aid equipment to help them access spoken information in lessons.

The role of the resource base is to support deaf students educationally, socially and emotionally to ensure they are fully included in school life alongside their hearing peers. Students are encouraged to become confident, independent members of the school community through support from a Key Worker.  In addition to this we provide a Social and Communication Skills Scheme (Lego Club) within the resource base.

Head of ARP: Mrs H Lill -

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit or make an appointment.

Telephone 01375 641001


As far as possible, students access the curriculum by attending mainstream lessons with their hearing peers.  A number of lessons are taught in the Resource Base where there are also opportunities to consolidate and reinforce the learning that has taken place in the mainstream classroom.

In addition to the National Curriculum we also deliver a range of Enrichment Programmes to enable our students to achieve additional qualifications. These include:

  • English/Maths Entry Level
  • Key Stage 4 CoPE Level 1 and Level 2
  • BSL Level 1 and Level 2 (delivered by our deaf Instructor)
  • Deaf Awareness Level 1

The Resource Base is passionate about British Sign Language (BSL). This is taught to all year 7 students at St Clere’s School as part of the CPD Programme and helps to raise Deaf awareness within the school.

BSL may also be taken as an option at Key Stage 4 where it is taught by our Deaf Instructor and qualifications at Levels 1 and 2 may be achieved over the course of two years.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Resource Base values the opportunity for extra curricular activities for continued social development. These activities include:

Life Skills (which involves a detailed programme of providing hearing-impaired students with the opportunity to experience independent living skills within the community)

  • Lunchtime and after school clubs
  • Signed Theatre Productions
  • Deaf Diversity Day
  • Deaf Youth Community Day
  • Rewards Trips (e.g Theme Parks and Museums)

Working with Other Professionals

We work closely with a variety of other professionals involved with the education and well being of deaf children:-

  • Audiologists
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Specialists in Deaf education
  • Post 16 TODs (Teachers of the Deaf)
  • Hospital Audiology Clinics
  • NDCS

Hearing Impaired Resource Teachers

Mrs H Lill: Lead Teacher of the deaf  -

Ms R Cross: Teacher of the deaf -

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