Media Studies

Head of Department: Mrs C Curran -
2nd in Department: Mr A Salmon -

In a society where the media plays such a vital role, it is essential that young people have an awareness of it's impact. Media Studies equips students with a critical and theoretical understanding of how media texts are constructed and audiences manipulated. 

Media Studies is a very important subject, ultimately combining aspects of Politics, Sociology, History, Art, English and Economics. It encourages creativity, teaches analytical skills and introduces students to critical ways of thinking about the world around them. These talents are highly valued by universities and employers. Moreover, the subject equips pupils with the skills necessary to survive and thrive in a media-saturated society.

Students will study a range of topics including, but not limited to, music press, film, print media and advertising. The range of material covered on the course ensures that students gain an all-round appreciation and understanding of various aspects of the media.

Media Studies is not taught at Key Stage 3 but is available as an option to study at Key Stage 4.

Curriculum Map - Media Studies

GCSE Course Study Breakdown (Key Stage 4)

Course Title: GCSE Media Studies

In September 2017, Year 11 will continue with their studies of the 4810 specification, while Years 9 and 10 will study the newer 8572 specification.

Year 11 Exam Board & Code: AQA 4810  Full GCSE Course Specification (PDF)
          Controlled Assessment - 60% (90 marks)
          Written Exam - 40% (60 marks) 1 hour 30 min

Year 9 and 10 Exam Board & Code: AQA 8572  Full GCSE Course Specification (PDF)
          Paper 1 - 35% (84 marks) 1 hour 30 min
                    - Media Language and Media Representations
          Paper 2 - 35% (84 marks) 1 hour 30 min 
                    - Section A is based on the screening of a Close Study Product
                    - Section B is based on any of the following: newspapers; social and participatory media; video games
          Controlled Assessment - 30% (72 marks)
                    - Creating a media product

Term 1:
Promotion of Film and theoretical concepts. 

Term 2:
Key concepts and Institutions (Link in theoretical concepts)

Term 3:
Promotion of Music, Print and theoretical concepts.  

Term 1:
Promotion of Music Assessment Objective 1 (Coursework) 

Term 2:
Promotion of Film - Assessment Objective 2 (Coursework) 

Term 3:
Promotion of Print - Assessment Objective 3 (Coursework) 

Year 11

Term 1:
Completion of Coursework 

Term 2:
Exam preparation and revision of topic. This changes each year. This also involves application of theory from the key areas in Year 10. 

Term 3:
Exam Brief. Students receive their exam brief four weeks before the exam and have to independently research given topics.

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