Assessing Pupil Progress

At St Clere’s School, assessing pupils is at the core of every lesson and every piece of work. Assessments check how pupils progress with each new concept or idea. If a pupil fails to understand the learning objective the teacher will review how they have taught it. The teacher might go back and approach the learning in a different way or give pupils more practice to consolidate learning. This cycle of learning, assessment and evaluation ensures pupil progress is continuous. 

Large scale formal assessments happen regularly throughout the year and the results are reported home to parents. We use the data generated from formal assessments to improve what is happening in the classroom; ensure staff are aware of where each pupil is in terms of their learning and inform parents and assist them in supporting their child’s education.   

At the end of each year all year groups sit a summative assessment for each subject. The heads of department design these assessments to test the knowledge and skills learnt up to that point in the curriculum.  

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