Complaints and Concerns

It is natural that parents or carers may, occasionally, have questions or concerns about an aspect of their child’s education or welfare at school. This could include issues concerning the school’s approach to aspects of the curriculum, homework, behavioural problems or any other issue.  The School Governors and staff believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to resolve concerns at the earliest possible stage in a professional manner and at the most appropriate level.

Concerns will normally be dealt with by initially the child’s Teacher, Form Tutor or Head of Year and we encourage you to contact one of these members of staff in the first instance.  The majority of concerns will be resolved swiftly and informally in this manner to the satisfaction of all parties.  To assist you, staff email addresses and our Complaints Policy are available below, or you can contact us using the email form at the bottom of the page.

Should this fail to resolve the issue, please refer to the complaints policy below.

SEND Complaints Procedure 

If parents have any complaints about the Special Educational provision made for their child which cannot be resolved amicably through contact with subject staff or the SEND department they should follow the School Curriculum Complaints Procedure, copies of which are available for reference in the school office.

Useful Links:

Staff Contacts
​Complaints Policy

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