Vision Impaired Resource Base

VI Resource Base, Thurrock Sensory Service’s specialist secondary resource base located in St Clere’s School. Providing exceptional support to young people with Vision Impairments to fuel their ambitions for over 15 years.

Our purpose-built resource base is filled with the greatest in access technology, from embossers that print written documents in braille, to suit pupils of all reading abilities, to text to speech software that open the doors to a whole world of digital possibilities for our students. Giving them independence skills to excel in the classroom and in their chosen career paths in adulthood.

Our VI pupils have the opportunity to work alongside a team of highly qualified Specialist Learning Support Assistants, three qualified Teachers of the Vision Impaired (QTVIs), an in-house Habilitation Officer as well as a Technician for Assistive Technology, all these specialist staff work alongside the mainstream teaching team to enable access to learning. Meaning pupils who attend the resource base benefit from a mainstream secondary school environment.

Our diverse team work in partnership to deliver a specialist curriculum based on the curriculum framework for VI guidance, these range from the tutoring of Braille literacy, to accessing the technology of today. Orientation and mobility training will be given to our VI pupils to habilitate them around their home, school and local areas.

We recognise just how individual our pupils’ needs can be, catering for and adapting our approach to encourage independence at every stage of their journey here at St Clere’s.

We maintain links with local Health Services and specialist hospitals, local organisations e.g. Look Essex and national organisations such as the RNIB and SENJIT.

The pupils are funded by the Local Education Authority, as per the needs identified in their Education and Health Care Plan, EHCP. All VI pupils attending the resourse base must have an EHCP.

If you’d like to find out more about the Thurrock Sensory VI Resource base and the services we can provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing:
Or call on: 01375 648 975

The Thurrock Outreach Service for Vision Impaired Young People

The aim of the Resource and Outreach Service is to ensure young people are equipped with the skills to become fully participating members of society. It is based at the Resource in St Clere’s School.

This service provides support for all young people with a vision impairment from birth to 25 years. The Advisory Teachers and Habilitation Specialists are able to assess, support, advise and supply information to individuals, their families, schools and associated professionals.

VI Brochure

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