Head of Department: Mrs S Garrod -

Geography gives students the opportunity to understand more about the world, the challenges it faces and their place within it. It enables young people to become globally and environmentally informed, thoughtful and enquiring citizens.  The course will deepen understanding of geographical processes, illuminate the impact of change and of complex people-environment interactions at different scales to develop students' competence in using a wide range of geographical investigative skills and approaches.  There are opportunities to visit local sites of Geographical interest and field trips further afield to increase and develop their exposure to the world. 

Curriculum Map - Geography

GCSE Course Study Breakdown (Key Stage 4)

Exam Course Title: GCSE (9-1) Geography B
Exam Board & Code: Edexcel 1GB0 Full GCSE Course Specification (PDF)


Unit 1 paper: 37.5% -  written paper, 1 hour 30 min
Unit 2 paper: 37.5% -  written paper, 1 hour 30 min
Unit 3 paper: 25% -  written paper, 1 hour 30 min

Students follow the syllabus below, but not necessarily in the order given:

Unit 1: Global Geographical Issues
(i) Hazardous Earth
(ii) Development Dynamics
(iii) Challenges of an urbanising world

Unit 2: UK Geographical Issues
(i) The UK's evolving physical landscape - coastal change and river processes
(ii) the UK's evolving human landscape - population, economics and one major city study
(iii) Geographical investigations**

Unit 3: People and Environment Issues - Making Geographical Decisions
(i) People and the biosphere
(ii) Forests under threat
(iii) Consuming energy resources

** The Geographical investigations topic require all students to attend two UK fieldwork trips.  One will be in a rural area and one will be in an urban area.  The cost of this is kept a low as possible, but will need to be funded by parents as the school does not have funds allocated to this area.

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