Parents Evenings

At St Clere’s we feel it is essential that the students' parents are fully involved and engaged in their child’s learning. Parents are able to contact staff, Form Tutors and Heads of Year to discuss any items with regards to their child’s education at any point throughout the academic year.

Parents’ Evenings are run annually for each Year Group where parents have the opportunity to meet their child’s teaching members of staff and other adults that may work with their child, giving them the opportunity to discuss progress and attainment.

Parents’ Evenings dates are notified well in advance and parent / carers will also be advised by letter and/or email before the event. 

- Year 7: 08/03/23

- Year 8: 08/02/23

- Year 9: 07/12/22

- Year 10: 22/03/23

- Year 11: 11/01/23

- Year 13: 07/12/22

St Clere’s also send out interim reports for all of our students. This is again working in partnership and insuring the parents are fully aware of the progress their child is making. Reports will be sent home on the following dates:

- Year 7: W/C 09/01/23 and 03/07/23

- Year 8: W/C 02/01/23 and 03/07/23

- Year 9: W/C 02/01/23 and 03/07/23

- Year 10: W/C 20/02/23 and 03/07/23

- Year 11: W/C 10/10/22 and 16/01/23

- Year 13: W/C 12/12/22 and 06/03/23

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