School Council

Our School Council is an elected body of student representatives from all four Houses. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion relative to all areas of school life.  A Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary are elected to produce an Agenda and Minutes.  Meetings take place every half term and all representatives, or 'reps', are encouraged to contribute to discussions. The Minutes of the previous meeting are agreed and signed, an Agenda is agreed for the next meeting and is displayed in the Student Bulletin and on the Council noticeboard.  Reps gather views from their year groups and, when necessary, pass on relevant information.  The main action points are fed back via assembly by the Council Chairperson and the Head Teacher.

School Council Structure

The School Council is made up of 3 sub committees:

  • Behaviour
  • Diversity 
  • Extra Curricular 

There will be 1 representative from each form group for each of the sub committees. This allows each School Council meeting to be more concise, relevant and structured to its subcommittee topics. 

School Council Objectives

  • Development of self-esteem and self-confidence through discussion and group activities.
  • Work with others and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Improve teacher/pupil and pupil/pupil relationships.

How it Works

Your Form reps from your year will decide, from all the points raised by the tutor groups, which suggestions will be looked at by everyone on the School Council.  These points will go on the list (called an agenda) of points to be talked about.  Before the meeting the agenda will be published and at the meeting the agenda items will be discussed in turn.

Any item not covered will be put at the start of the agenda for the next meeting.  The House Tutor reps who attended the meeting will report everything discussed to you.  Minutes will also be published and placed on the School Council noticeboard and in the Student Bulletin.  There is also the opportunity for the School Council Chairperson to report back to you via a Year Assembly.

What it can do for you

This will be a chance for you, through reps from your Form and Year, to talk and bring up points about school life which interest you or concern you.  This will take place at a meeting, made up of reps from years 8 – 11, plus a teacher rep.  It will meet on a regular basis.

  • You, through your Form and year reps, will decide what is talked about.
  • You, through your Form and year reps, will be able to talk about these points with a teacher.
  • Your views and recommendations from the School Council meeting will be listened to and, where suitable, acted upon to bring about improvements in school and to your time here.

How your views are heard

  • As a Form you decide on items to put in the agenda.
  • You choose a Form rep who will represent your views at the meeting of all the reps in the year or at the School Council itself.
  • Form reps talk about the items from each form and decide which key ones to take to School Council.
  • Your Form rep meets with the other reps from your year.
  • At the School Council the items are discussed by the representatives from your year with all the other reps and a member of staff.

Council Members

Behaviour sub committee

Behaviour sub committee 22 23

Diversity sub committee

Diversity sub committee 22 23

Extra Curricular sub committee

Extra Curricular sub committee 22 23